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American Galvanizing Company offers customers a proven solution to the problem of corrosion - galvanizing. Under factory controlled conditions, zinc and steel are metallurgically bonded to provide corrosion resistance through cothodic and barrier protection for a wide variety of environments. THe result is one of the most economical methods of effectively protecting steel and extending the life of the product.

The AGC Story

American Galvanizing Company was born in 1982. We took over a struggling, “captive” galvanizing operation and have succeeded in developing a “job shop” galvanizer whose customer base far exceeds the localized flavor of the original version.

Recognizing a need for customer service in our immediate sales area, AGC developed the concept of its “Quick Turnaround Service”, a guarantee of an expedited galvanizing job at the time specified by the customer, whether is was within a few days, the next day, or even the day in which it was delivered.

As we entered into our second decade, with the service side firmly in place, our focus turned toward the quality of our product. Although, we have always galvanized to the ASTM-123 specification, our desire was to consistently surpass those standards and set up a quality assurance and control program that insured those ideals were achieved. Now, our Quality Control Manager has equal footing with the Plant Manager and each reports independently to the president of the company. This separation was necessary as we now can boast an on-time galvanizing job that won’t compromise its quality standard.

Finally, we turned to the changing market place and reacted to the need for a larger kettle, the heart of any galvanizing facility. We recognized the pattern of larger, heavier fabricated sections and installed our fifty-five foot long kettle (the “double nickel” as we affectionately call it) and later increases its depth to ten feet. Couple that with lifting capability that can be in excess of thirty thousand pounds and we entered a world that not only handled the miscellaneous work, but which could take care of the longer term, larger projects as well. In addition, we developed the capacity to offer project management which insured a smooth transition during our galvanizing process throughout the life of the project.

So, there you have it - A story of progression, betterment, and success that continues to evolve today. We may not be the biggest, but we do want to be the best.